We will be using a custom Kickoff Table for the RMR. You can download a printable version Here.

Kickoff Table

2D6                                                                              Result

2             Snowball Fight!BigFoot starts throwing snowballs at random players on the pitch and soon enough an all-out snowball fight has erupted, fans included.  Some of your players get hit with a “slush ball” and need some time to recover.   Each coach rolls a D6 + Fame for each opposing player on the pitch. If the roll is 6 or more after modification, then the player is treated as Prone.
3             BigFoot Throws a FITTBigFoot is tired of the slow grind game and wants to see some action!  He throws a FITT (Flying Injury-causing Tree Trunk) out onto the pitch to try and get things moving.  Each coach rolls a D6 and adds their FAME to the roll.  A player on the team with the lower roll is hit by the FITT. Decide randomly which player on the pitch is hit and roll for effects of the injury straight away.  Rolls of 2-9 will be treated as Stunned. Rolls of 10-12 will be treated as KO.  No Armor roll is required.
4             Poison Ivy BigFoot has cunningly placed a Poison Ivy patch on the pitch and one of your players has taken a dive in it which affects their ability to focus on the game.  Each coach rolls a D6 + Fame, the coach with the lower roll randomly selects a player on his/her team who is currently on the pitch.  That player gains the Really Stupid trait for this drive.
5             BigFoot Storms the Pitch!BigFoot comes running onto the pitch and starts wreaking havoc.  Determine where BigFoot comes onto the pitch by rolling per regular throw-in rules, starting in the square adjacent to the half-pitch line on the kicking team’s side of the pitch on either the left or right side, determined by a D6 roll.  Each coach prior to starting his/her turn moves BigFoot 3 spaces rolling a D8 and using the Scatter template.  If BigFoot runs into a player he will throw a block, which ends BigFoot’s movement.  The opposing coach of the player being blocked chooses the result.  BigFoot will not go down on an “Attacker Down” result. Rerolls may NOT be used on BigFoot’s actions.           BigFoot stats:  3 7 1 9  Foul Appearance, Block, Mighty Blow, No Hands
6             Rocky Mountain Spotted FeverBigFoot has come in contact with a player on the kicking team and has given that player Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever, which causes the player’s entire body to swell and deform into an utterly grotesque state.   Decide randomly which player on the kicking team contracts the fever (only players on the pitch are eligible).  This player is treated as having the Foul Appearance and Disturbing Presence skills for the rest of the Drive.
7             Elderberry BoostBigfoot kindly throws a bunch of elderberries onto the pitch and the team that finds and eats them gets an immediate boost in stamina.  Each coach rolls a D3 and adds their team’s FAME.  The team with the highest score gets rejuvenated by the berries and receives an extra re-roll.
8             Spiked Ball!BigFoot steals the ball and puts Stinging Nettle all over it!  For this drive there is a -1 modifier on all Pickup and Catch attempts.
9             An Icicle Fell in my Eye! — While preparing for the kickoff, BigFoot insidiously drops an icicle in the eye of a player on the receiving team.  Because the icicle “fell” in his eye, his vision is poor and is not able to compete at his normal ability.  Decide randomly which player on the pitch is hit by the icicle, this player loses -1 ST for the drive.
10        Kidnapped! A player on the kicking team gets too close to the sidelines and is swept off the field by BigFoot. Decide randomly which player is kidnapped and place that player in the Reserves box.
11        Avalanche!BigFoot raises havoc high in the mountains, causing a major avalanche and some of the snow has streamed onto the pitch.  Any player attempting to move an extra square will slip and fall on a roll of 1-2 for this drive.  
12       BigFoot to the Rescue!As an aspiring Bloodbowl player, BigFoot storms onto the pitch and wants to play for the Underdog.  He joins the team currently losing the match, for this drive only.  If the match is tied, roll D6 to determine which team BigFoot will join. BigFoot comes onto the pitch per normal throw-in rules, but the coach for whom BigFoot is playing chooses the square next to the sideline from where he comes in.  BigFoot can only take Move Actions. To move or GFI, place the throw-in template over the player facing up, down or towards either sideline. Then roll a D3 and move the player one square in the indicated direction (similar to a Ball and Chain player), no Dodge roll is required if you leave a tackle zone. If this movement takes BigFoot off the pitch, he runs off to his cave to sulk. Repeat this process for each square of movement.  BigFoot can not GFI. If BigFoot runs into a player (friend or foe) he will throw a block, which ends his movement. Normal blocking rules apply. Rerolls may NOT be used on BigFoot’s actions.BigFoot stats:  3 7 1 9  Foul Appearance, Block, Mighty Blow,  No Hands

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