We will be using Blood Bowl Competition Rules. You can download a printable version of the rules  Here.
There will be no overtime.

In the spirit of good sportsmanship, Illegal Procedures will not be called — please simply bring the issue to your opponent’s attention and ask that he/she move their marker.

Weather Table:  The weather table will not be used and the weather is always Nice – Perfect Blood Bowl Weather.  Instead, a custom Kick-off table will be introduced that will add enough randomness to the match.

The Kickoff Table in the LRB 6.0 will not be used, we will be using the RMR custom kickoff table.

Team Creation:
Starting team value will be 1.1 million gold pieces.  This gold may be used to purchase players (minimum 11 players) and other team benefits (rerolls, apos, etc.) as well as individual skills and upgrades.
Normal skill 20,000
Double skill 30,000
+1 move or armor boost 30,000
No AG or ST upgrades

Maximum of 3 duplicate skills (e.g a dwarf team can only have three players with guard)

Maximum of 50k of upgrades per player.

Inducements may be purchased by stunty teams.

If you need a printable roster, you can download one here.  Be sure to mark any skills added to your players through purchases.

The two hour and 20 minute rounds will be enforced. You will receive ‘Time Remaining’ updates from the Tournament Organizer to help you stay on pace.

The 4 Minute turn rule will not be used unless the Tournament organizer feels your game is in danger of not completing in the time limit. He may insist on a timer being used and enforcing the 4 minute turn rule.

Tournament points may be gained in several ways from your matches.

Points from Game Play
Points from game play are as follows:

Game Result

Tournament Points







During the tournament, additional points may be earned. They are as follows:


Tournament Points

Lost by 1 Touchdown


Caused 2 more CAS from Blocking than Opp.


Caused 3 or more CAS from Blocking than Opp.


Cleared the Pitch (1 per match)


Won by 2 Touchdowns


Won by 3 or more Touchdowns


One-Turn Score (1 per match)


* For the sake of bonuses, only CAS sustained using blocking dice will count, Blocking into the stands or fouling does not count.


Each coach will select their “favorite” opponent they played against following the tournament to determine overall best sportsman

The following awards will be given out after the last round:



RMR Champion Most overall points after round 3
2nd Place Second most overall points
3rd Place Third most overall points
SmallFoot Champion Most overall points with one of the following teams: Goblin, Halfling, Ogre, Lizardman (Skinks only)
BigFoot Defends Team that allowed the fewest TDs
BigFoot Scores Team that scored the most TDs
BigFoot Hurts Team that inflicted the most Casualties from Blocking
BigFoot Likes Best looking team as decided by participants. Tournament Organizers will break ties.
Bigfoot’s Buddy Best Sportsman as decided by participants.  Tournament Organizers will break ties.

Other awards may be given away as well.

A Coach may only win one award.

West Coast Grand Prix:
The Rocky Mountain Rampage is a proud supporter of the West Coast Grand Prix. The Grand Prix will award you with points for playing in events like this across the west. Those points will qualify your for Award prizes and you are entered into a random drawing each time you play at a supporting event, to be drawn at the end of the year.


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