Rules for the Rocky Mountain Ringers Rebellion:


Tournament Format:
Tournament will be a Swiss style,

resurrection tournament. Any injuries

your team suffers will not carry over to the

next game. Each round will see a coach play

against a random opponent. In each subsequent

round, the highest ranked player plays the next highest ranked player they have not previously played. The roster you start the tournament with will be the same for each round you play.

We will be using BB2016 rules pack in combination with the 2020 NAF guidelines for tournaments found here:

All 27 NAF approved races will be allowed, which includes Khorne, Brettonians and Old World Alliance.

All Spike Magazine additions are included up through Issue #9

There will be no overtime.

In the spirit of good sportsmanship, Illegal Procedures will not be called -- please simply bring the issue to your opponent's attention and ask that he/she move their marker.

Weather Table: The standard Blood Bowl weather chart will be used

Kickoff Table: The standard Blood Bowl kickoff table will be used

Team Creation:
You are given 1 million gold pieces to build your team using CRP team lists or the three additional Team Lists. This gold may be used to purchase players (minimum 11 players), Star Players, Inducements and other team benefits (rerolls, apos, etc.).

Additional Skills:
Each coach will be given 6 normal skills to give to players on the team. No player can be given more than 1 skill.

Star Player “Ringer”:
In attempt to grant the wishes of the insatiable Rocky Mountain fans, The Rocky Mountain Blood Bowl Committee has allowed each coach to bring in their own Star Player Ringer to compete in this one grand rebellion.

Each coach will have additional gold pieces to customize their own Star Player Ringer and has been given a rebel Chaos Pact marauder to groom and join their team for the event. Coaches will be given gold pieces according to the following Tier system which INCLUDES the cost of the Marauder:

Tier 1 teams will have 100k gold pieces. Tier 1 teams include: Amazon, Chaos Dwarf, Dark Elf, Dwarf, Lizardman, Norse, Orc, Undead, Wood Elf, Old World Alliance
Tier 1.5 teams will have 150k gold pieces. Tier 1.5 teams include:Brettonian, Elf Union, High Elf, Human, Necromantic, Skaven
Tier 2 teams will have 200k gold pieces. Tier 2 teams include: Chaos, Chaos Renegades, Khemri, Khorne, Nurgle, Slann, Underworld Denizens, Vampire
Tier 3 teams will have 300k gold pieces. Tier 3 teams include: Goblin, Halfling, Ogre
Ringer Marauder Stats:
6 3 3 8 Loner, Animosity, Egomaniac

Ringer New Skill - Egomaniac
A player with this skill has been specifically groomed to become the Ringer of his team for one tournament. As such, the Ringer is a narcissistic egomaniac and thinks the world literally revolves around him. At the beginning of each drive roll a D6. If the roll is a 1, the player gains the Bonehead skill for the drive. Team re-rolls cannot be used on the Egomaniac roll, but the Pro skill can be used.

Ringer Advancements
After the initial cost of the Marauder for 50k, coaches may use the rest of their allotted gold pieces to purchase stats and skills for their Ringer. Ringers may have unlimited stat increases but only up to 6 skill upgrades.

Example: A Halfling coach could spend their 300k to groom an 8 ST Ringer if they so choose!

Ringer Back Story:
Each coach is encouraged to come up with a back story for their Ringer, which may include a name, where they came from, how they were groomed, etc.

A special glittering prize will be given to the coach with the best back story!

The two hour and 15 minute rounds will be enforced. You will receive ‘Time Remaining’ updates from the Tournament Organizer to help you stay on pace.

The 4 Minute turn rule will not be used unless the Tournament organizer feels your game is in danger of not completing in the time limit.

Tournament points may be gained through game play with several ways to accumulate bonus points.

Points from Game Play
Points from game play are as follows:

Game Result Tournament Points
Win 60
Tie 30
Loss 10

During the tournament, additional points may be earned. They are as follows:

Event Tournament Points
Lost by 1 Touchdown - 2pts
Caused 2 more CAS from Blocking than Opp. - 2pts
Caused 3 or more CAS from Blocking than Opp. - 5pts
Won by 2 Touchdowns - 2pts
Won by 3 or more Touchdowns - 5pts

* For the sake of bonuses, only CAS sustained using blocking dice will count, Blocking into the stands or fouling does not count.

The following awards will be given out after the last round:

Award Description
RMRR Champion - Most overall points after round 3
2nd Place - Second most overall points
Stunty Champion - Most overall points with one of the following teams: Goblin, Halfling, Ogre
Best Defense - Team that allowed the fewest TDs
Most TDs - Team that scored the most TDs
Most Brutal - Team that inflicted the most Casualties from Blocking
Best Painted - Best looking team as decided by participants. Tournament Organizers will break ties.
Best Ringer Backstory - Best backstory for the coach’s custom Ringer

West Coast Grand Prix:
The Rocky Mountain Rampage is a proud supporter of the West Coast Grand Prix. The Grand Prix will award you with points for playing in events like this across the west. Those points will qualify you for Award prizes provided by the NAF.